About Me 

The home has always been my favourite place to be, no matter where or what it was and I wanted to share that with others and make their home their favourite place.  Where we live has such a huge impact in our lives, it is so important that it makes us feel comfortable, happy, warm and inspired. 

My aim is to create this space for others, a space where they can make some of their favourite memories.    


My Story IMG_0399 2 copy

I didn’t always know that I wanted to work in Interiors and initially expressed my
creativity through fashion.  I completed a BA(Hons) in Fashion Promotion and moved to London where I worked for some well known fashion brands.  I came to realise that I was losing my interest in fashion, finding little value in it and after a lightbulb moment, came to the decision to change my career to Interiors.  

And so I started my career again.  I began a Post-graduate diploma in Interior Design and as fate would have it, managed to get an internship at a high-end interior design studio, where I worked my way up to FF&E designer and stayed for the following 3/4 years.    Here I worked on commercial and hospitality projects such as hotels and restaurants, both in the UK and US.  

During this time, I moved back to my home town, Portsmouth, and continued to work in London part time, commuting into the city 3 days a week.  It was tough.  I loved what I did, but it became exhausting and I was struggling to continue to 100% and my work/life balance was completely out of sync.  

I felt I had learned invaluable knowledge from my time in London and along with my Post-Grad Diploma (which I passed with a Distinction) I felt ready to pour my passion into my own business and work from the one place I loved most; home. 

Create Space was born and it is growing ever more steadily each day.