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Ready to Re-design; An Industrial Style Design Project

Interior Design services come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tricky to know which one is right for you.  Not only that, every designer has a slightly different way of working, so if you haven’t worked with an interior designer before, it probably feels like your about to walk out into the dark unknown when figuring out what to expect when working with an interior designer.

To help you understand our process a bit better here at Create Space, I thought I’d take you through the design of a project I recently completed for a client who chose the Ready to Re-design package.

My client had just bought a lovely new flat in a new build, which had an open plan kitchen/living room, bedroom and bathroom.  The living room area was a lovely open space, with plenty of natural light coming in from the double doors at one end, which opened out to a balconette balcony.  All the wall and floor finishes were neutral and brand spanking new, including the fresh, white kitchen.  The client was happy to leave those as they were; they were’t looking to re-decorate in any way, but needed a hand furnishing the space so that it worked for their lifestyle.

Initially the brief was to re-design the whole flat as one project, but the client decided to design the flat in stages, so we started with the design for the living room, kitchen and hallway.  As our packages are quoted per room, it makes it really easy and flexible to spread out the work in stages, as and when is best for you.

As part of the service, a free, no obligation 1-to-1 meeting before any work begins is always included, so we can take a look at the space together and discuss your ideas.  I feel I wouldn’t be giving the best service I can if I were to design a space based purely on photographs and descriptions.  This opportunity also allows me to gather all the information I need, making this part of the process as hassle free as possible for the client.

Another reason I encourage a 1-to-1 meeting is because I really enjoy meeting my clients and getting to know them.  And the meeting with this client was an absolute joy.  We had a casual chat about their new home and what they wanted to achieve, all whilst drinking cups of tea and eating cake (perks of the job!).  They happily showed me some of their existing artefacts that they had collected from various holidays and travels from around the world and were keen to have these considered within the new design.

Along with showcasing their cherished possessions, they also wanted this space to reflect their love for the industrial style, with raw, exposed pipe work, solid, reclaimed timber and worn, vintage finishes.  What a treat this project was going to be!

One of the main issues they were struggling with was the general layout of furniture.  In the living room alone they were looking to include a desk space, reading nook, shelving for books and a room divider unit that would work with their existing sofa and TV unit.  They just couldn’t see how they could fit all of that into the one space.

Austen House - DESIGN PRESENTATION 1a plan and brief

When designing a space, there are two important factors that I live by.

1.  Ensuring that the space works for them, creating a furniture layout that flows with how they live their day to day life and includes everything they want out of the space too. 

2.  Creating a design that is in their favourite style, includes their existing personal items and furniture and have it all come together in a beautiful and cohesive scheme.

These two factors, for me as an Interior Designer, are the foundations of a well designed space for a client, because ultimately the space needs to work for them and reflect who they are.  When the project is complete, I want them to be able to fall back on the sofa and feel relaxed and comfortable, looking out on a room that looks amazing.

This is the moodpboard put together to present the overall design of furniture, finishes and accessories in the living room, which includes new and existing pieces.  Can you tell which is which?

Austen House - DESIGN PRESENTATION moodboard

The clients really love the exposed steel pipework with reclaimed wood finishes, so I suggested that the desk and shelving unit be made bespoke to fit on each wall at the end of the room.  This helps to zone that area for working and storage and doesn’t overtake the whole room.  As this is a living room I wanted to ensure the space was still cosy and warm.

With all these lovely reclaimed hard finishes, I wanted to add some softer, more tactile texture and colour to the scheme.  Keeping the base colours neutral ties the scheme together, whilst the pops of yellows brings it to life (and of course is my fave colour).  Other textures are added with the cushions in different materials and the existing sheep rug helps to add that cosy warmth to the space.  I also proposed ceiling lampshades made in a wool felt, with a diffuser, to add that final touch.


Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise a room completely finished and understand how particular items will work in certain places and with existing pieces.

3D visuals are such a great tool to show clients how their space will look as a completed design.  It allows the client to get a preview of the final outcome and give feedback to ensure the space is perfect before they commit.  It’s easier to make changes at this design stage, then it is when work has already started. Making a change later down the line can potentially cost you some pretty pennies; pennies that were not in budget.

A great example of this happened when working on this project.  The client really wanted an open shelving unit that would work as a room divider between their dining area in the kitchen and the living room.  Since they moved in, they were adamant that that is what they wanted.  Looking at the space, they could definitely fit one in, so I looked at some different options for them to choose from and drew up the space in 3D so they had an idea as to how it would look.

After some discussion and looking at the visuals, the client came to the conclusion that actually, they felt it wasn’t needed and they preferred to not have it at all!  Having someone show them what the space would look like before going ahead with any big purchases, they were able to avoid spending a lot of money on something that they would have regretted in the long run.



For this project, the client was also looking for some new furniture.  I provided options and sourcing information for everything included in the design presentation.  Once the client was happy with their choices, I gave them a shopping list for everything they would need to buy, so they were able to work to their budget and start shopping when they were ready!


Providing options allows the client to chose from my favourite ideas and make the space their own.  I love having the client involved with all aspects of the design.  Ultimately, this is the client’s home and I strive to turn it into a space that they feel happy to come home to, where they can relax and feel 100% comfortable.  For me, the space shouldn’t feel like its been designed by an interior designer.  It shouldn’t have my personal style stamped on it.  I love all my designs for my clients, but it’s their own style and personality that is my sole inspiration and I want that to be reflected in the overall scheme.


I’d love to hear what you think.  Comment below and let me know your thoughts on this design and what’s included in my ‘Ready to Re-Design’ Package!

Are you in a similar situation and would love for someone to help you make the most of your space?

Take a look at my design packages and get in touch!


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