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The Three R’s: Have a New Year clear-out that you can stick to.

A new year always brings new interior trends; as professionals predict what the year ahead is going to bring visually, we start to re-think about our own interiors and how we can revive them a bit and introduce something fresh for the new year.

 While there will always be popular trends for design elements within the home (I’ve no doubt many of the brave out there will embrace a painted ceiling at some point this year), it seems that 2018 is encouraging us to no longer follow trends, such as Industrial, Scandi, Mid Century etc., but instead create a more curated home that reflects the homeowner’s personality and life experiences.  Sounds so much more interesting, right?   

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Country life recently published an article making some bold interior trend predictions including; The end of the trend, Craft will no longer be a dirty word, Fixability and Back to Nature.  These are only a select few, but you get the gist of where the year is heading. 

 After reading the article, it left me feeling inspired to really think about what I buy and how I decorate my home going forward.   There is a famous William Morris quote that has always been a favourite of mine and it sprung to mind when reading this article.

william morris quote

I do truly believe in those words and think it’s quite fitting for 2018.  With the rise of accessible and cost-effective trends within interiors and many other creative industries, I feel we’ve all had the freedom to buy all sorts of decor at a bargain price, regardless of whether it is suitable for our home or not. 

I know I’ve been in a store, saw something amazing and said, “It’s only a tenner!” only to have it hauled to the charity shop 6 months later.

Over the past 2 to 3 years, I’ve moved house a couple of times, once into a larger place where it needed filling and then into a shared house, which meant completely downsizing and needing everything to fit into one room (a room that I also share with my bf.)

flat to house

From our spacious living room in our 2 bed flat (left), to our bedroom that also doubles as living room and home office in our shared house (right). 

So I’ve been in the situation where I’ve had the freedom of space, allowing me to buy lots of new things and move all my childhood stuff out of my parent’s loft (which felt like something I should be doing as I near 30), but then been in the completely opposite situation where I had  to clear everything out again, take things back to my parents and move more into storage.   This really made me think about my possessions and why I have them.  

 The process wasn’t easy and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one that’s been through the same sort of thing either.   Which got me thinking about how we can make having a clear out less stressful and more positive!

(Especially if you’re a bit of a hoarder let’s say, or a slave to the knick-knacks)

 And that’s when I came up with The Three R’s.  Three words that will help you to re-evaluate your belongings, why you have them and how you can spruce up your space without having to spend a load on new ‘on-trend’ items.  

three rs

Let’s start with an easy one. Everyone, I’m sure, has heard of and knows about re-furbishing.  It has become extremely popular over the past few years, with people up-cycling any piece of furniture they have, like sanding down and painting a chest of drawers or re-upholstering a chair, which is great. 

 However, my point on re-furbishing is to avoid going out and spending lots of money on brand new pieces of furniture or items and instead see if what you have already can be re-furbished into something lovely.  Some items don’t need a lot of work, but just need a helping hand for it to feel fresh again.

 I’d much rather find a hidden gem in a charity store and give it a new lease of life, rather than buying something brand new off the shelf.  (For probably a lot less money too!)   Do you have items in your home that can be re-furnished?  


Firstly, I would recommend you watch The Minimalist documentary on Netflix. It made me think about my possessions and re-considering their purpose.

 Do you feel your space is quite cluttered, but don’t feel like you can throw any of it away?  

Re-consider what you have in your space and if any of it is needed.  Why is it there? Where did it come from? Does it have any meaning to you?

 I’m not suggesting for everyone to suddenly throw everything away, you will no doubt regret it.  Instead, start by clearing away any unnecessary items (even if it is into a box and stored away) as this will then allow the pieces you do love take full pride and glory. 

 This can also apply to rooms.  Do you have a space that is being used for storage or is a bit of a ‘nothing’ room?  Possibly a waste of space? Re-consider what this could be used for.  Do you have a hobby that would be great to have a room to do this in? Is there a smarter way that this space can be used for? 

 Once you have re-considered your interiors and belongings, you can then begin to consider any new items that you will bring into your home.  When shopping think about what you need first off.  If it’s not needed that don’t buy it! Have you found something you just absolutely love and have to have? Great! Why do you love it? Do you only love it because it’s in the sale for example? Take time to think about what you really want.   Refer back to Morris and it should help you decide whether that item is worth your pennies. 


Now that you have re-furbished your furniture and re-considered your belongings and spaces within your home, you can start to re-discover personal items and bring them back into the lime light, creating that curated design feel, using items that are personal to you, which you’ll appreciate way more.   

 These items could be things you’ve had in storage for ages, but never wanted to throw away.  You may have even completely forgot about them!  How about something that has been in a certain position for years.  All things tend to have their place, but how about mixing it up a bit?

 Having decorative items that are personal to you or mean something makes your home a unique space, that will never go out of trend.



Was this helpful?  Feel like you can tackle a clear out with confidence?  I hope so!  It definitely helped me. (and my mum.  She’s a major hoarder.) 

 You can read the full Countrylife article on their 2018 trend predictions here.

And if you haven’t already done so, click here to check out my post on Pinterest’s top ten trends for 2018.  It’s all about spa-bathrooms and patterned plants this year. 

 Cheers for reading

CS x





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