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The Pinterest 100: Top Interior Trends for 2018

Every December Pinterest release ‘The Pinterest 100’, which is a trend report listing the top emerging trends across all categories, such as beauty, style, home and food.  Pretty much everyone uses Pinterest these days right?  We use it to save ideas and plan for things we want to do in the future, near or far.   This gives Pinterest a unique and early insight into emerging trends based on save patterns and search topics.

Pinterest have pulled together the top 10 design ideas for the home, which from the looks of it we have already fallen in love with and been pinning like crazy. As we embark on 2018, I thought it would be good to see what’s in store.

Resort-Inspired Bathrooms
If, like me, your a bit of a home-body, what’s better than having a spa-like bathroom in your own home? Deep bathtubs, waterfall showerheads and neutral finishes help create a serene atmosphere, allowing you to truly relax and un-wind.

Mixing Metallics
Metallics have always had a spot in the limelight; brass and copper have been big favourites over the past years, but 2018 is all about mixing it up. You can get really ahead of the game and mix metallics with matte black finishes, which WGSN say is going to be big in 2019.

Making a big comeback from the 70’s, terrazzo is looking better than ever mixed with modern furniture and decor. It can be used in bathrooms and kitchens and even as a pattern on a wallpaper!

The Fifth Wall
The ceiling is usually an afterthought when decorating, but can make a big impact when considered as part of the whole room design. Use a pattern or pop of colour to give your space a modern feel.

Bone Inlay
Found usually in furniture, bone inlay is incredibly beautiful with it’s intricate patterns. Adding bone inlay to any room will add a global, curated feel.

Herringbone Floor Patterns
Add depth and dimension to a space with timber herringbone patterns for the floor. This classic design contrasts well with modern decor, adding elegance to any design.

Statement Doors
Front doors are becoming more and more colourful, being painted in bright pop’s of colour, adding a cheerful welcome for any guest. Interior doors can’t be forgotten either! Like the fifth wall, consider the colour of the doors within in your space to add to the design.

Patterned Plants
With the bohemian trend becoming extremely popular over the past years, so has the introduction and subsequent obsession of plants within the home. Take it one step further and choose your plants wisely. Look for types that naturally have a distinctive pattern or different colours.

Big Wall Art
Gallery wall art has been an all time favourite for a while, but now we’re looking to have one, large stand out piece, creating a feature focal point in a space.

Swiftly becoming the new neutral, sage is a lovely hue of green, which can be used within modern or country style homes. Working well with warm, natural finishes, sage can be used in the kitchen, dining or living room.

Do you love these ideas too? Are you looking to introduce any of these within your home?

Got the decorating itch and want more inspiration? Head over to Create Space Pinterest page and get pinning!

Image sources
Feature Images: House Beautiful
Trend Images: Pinterest



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