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How to…stop your rugs from slipping!

I have this lovely little floral embroidered rug in our bedroom and as we had carpet in our old flat it didn’t move around too much, but now that we have faux timber flooring, my god does it slip all over the place!  My boyfriend was also slipping up every time he walked over it, so if I didn’t do anything about it, the poor rug was going to be heading to storage.

I remember when I worked in retail, the decorative rugs we used on the shop floor were held down with some rug tape to stop people from tripping (health and safety and all that) so I had a little browse on the Internet.  There are lots of options available , but I thought I would try out this one from B&Q as it was one of the cheaper options and seemed pretty straight forward.

Dial White Rug Gripper Tape (L_) 3.5M (W) 50mm, B&Q



How does it work then.

There are no instructions on the packaging or online so I figured it must be easy to use! The open weave tape comes in a small roll and is somewhat sticky on one side, with a clear, peel-able tape on the other.  Similar to how double sided sticky tape works and I thought it would be applied in the same way; stick it to the rug, peel off the tape and then turn the rug over and stick it to the floor, but nope.  After a little struggle and thinking ‘why isn’t this working!?’ How else can this be applied!?’ I found that I was actually doing it all wrong!

You apply the tape to the floor first, peel back the top side and then lay your rug over the top.  Make sure to give the rug a bit of a rub with your feet where the tape is to help it stick down.  The tape still didn’t stick as well as I thought it should and it does take a bit of prep to make sure your placing the tape in the correct place on the floor, but low and behold it worked!


I have had this in place for a couple of weeks now and it has held really well.  It makes such a difference to not have it slide everywhere and the tape is easily removed and doesn’t leave any marks if you ever need to move it somewhere else.  Result!



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