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Let’s Talk: Buying Houses and How We Get There

Being in my late twenties, most of my peers are doing or have already done what we are usually expected to do at this age; getting married, having kids and buying their own houses (there doesn’t seem to be a particular order for these anymore either.)  Considering I have done none of these yet, I have getting on to the property ladder as priority number one and wanted to share with you my journey thus far.  I’m also really interested in hearing about your journeys too and wanted to start a conversation on the topic.

So, why now? 

Here’s a quick summary of my journey to catch you up.

Throughout my twenties I have worked hard, moved positively from job to job, lived in London, changed my career, moved back to my own home town and began a freelancing career.  For starters, not being on an extremely healthy wage over a period of time meant there was no way I was going to be able to save any substantial amount of money to put down any sort of deposit or cover any fees for a house. Especially when I lived in London.

 I have always put my career first, taking the steps required to ensure that I was on the path to doing a job that I absolutely love and what ultimately makes me happy.  Even if those steps meant everything else had to take a back seat for a little while.  And I mean everything.  My social life, relationships,  the food I ate.  No treat-yo-self shopping.  I had to maintain a very strict budget and routine to ensure that the little money I did have covered all the necessities.

Although I made the sacrifices, I also survived them and what felt like a million years at the time, is now just a blip that I can refer back to and think ‘remember when I ate tortellini for dinner every day for about 6 months? Wasn’t that crazy!’.  I wouldn’t change my journey for the world, as I likely wouldn’t be where I am now.

After moving back to my home town, Portsmouth, my boyfriend and I moved into our first flat which was really great.  After being together for 5-6 years or so, it definitely felt like the right time.  Just under two years later, we were offered a fantastic opportunity. To move into a house share that one of our friends owned, with two of our other mates.  The main attraction?  Rent and bills would be EXTREMELY low.  So low, that we would actually be able to afford to save some decent chunks over the period of a year or so, to put towards a house deposit. Yay!

Yes, it meant moving into a shared house (all guys by the way) and yes, it meant condensing our 2 bed flat into one room, but YES it meant by the time we are 30 we will be in the position to buy our own property.


You do what you gotta do. 

I have been renting ever since I moved out at 19 and I dread to think the amount of money that I have spent on other peoples’ mortgages,  but as I’ve grown up, I have done what has felt right for me and my journey and got to a place where I feel happy and confident and ready for all the next steps that buying a house will bring.

Firstly, having a passion and working within interiors, I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE MY OWN HOME that I can decorate and style however I want.  I’d really love a property that we can work on, a ‘doo-er-upper’ as they say.

However, for now, my blog will include sharing with you all the renting tips and tricks that I can get away with currently and design inspiration that I am looking into for that dream home that is finally at our fingertips!

Do you rent?  Do you own a home?

Are you on the path to buy?  What was your journey to getting on the property ladder?

Everyone is on their own journey whatever they’re doing and I’m interested to hear about yours!


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