Colour Crush: Ocean Greens

I saw this colour trend in a Stylist magazine a few years ago and loved the depth and tones of the beautiful emeralds, indigos, turquoise and teals that can be seen lurking in the deep, vast ocean.

It’s nice to be able to take a step away from the classic nautical themes that usually comes to mind when someone mentions the sea or beach.  Instead this is more of a glamorous edit, that can create a seductive atmosphere across various styles.  This colour palette can work well with various styles including worn, classic looks or a sleek, contemporary style.  It’s so versatile it can be used as much or as little and compliments well with other colours.

If you’re feeling bold, opt for a dramatic take on these colours and use them across the whole space,  creating a block colour statement. Or, if you would like to ease the colours in gently,  introduce key accessories in jewel or pastel tones for a more subtle injection of the palette.  Whatever your style, anyone can have dreamy ocean interiors.

Head over to my Pinterest to find more Ocean Greens inspiration!







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